veyzle, specialist in the recycling of paper and plastics, has one goal; to get the most sustainable result out of paper and plastics every day, together with our partners. This is how we bring high-quality raw materials back into the circulair chain.

Colleagues talking

  • "I enjoy a shipment that gets more value through sorting"

    B.enyounés Grad Plastics sorting hall

    A few years after B.Enyounés (for colleagues Younes) came to live in the Netherlands he started sorting plastics in Sittard. Soon Younes got his forklift diploma and then became responsible for the (press) machines. He has no ambition to get his truck driving license, he feels perfectly at home in the plastics hall. Lees meer

  • "You get the know-how of paper by bumping your nose a few times"

    Klaas Timmerman Foreman and lead manager

    Klaas was made enthusiastic by his uncle because he was allowed to ride along on the truck from the age of 4. After his military service, Klaas started working at the former paper company Van Stralen in Geleen at the age of 19. First as a warehouse employee, but as soon as he got the chance, he got his driver's license. Lees meer


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