Klaas Timmerman

Klaas was made enthusiastic by his uncle because he was allowed to ride along on the truck from the age of 4. After his military service, Klaas started work at the age of 19 at the former paper company Van Stralen in Geleen. First as a warehouse employee, but as soon as he got the chance, he got his driver's license. He enjoyed driving the truck for 30 years, but when Van Stralen was taken over by Peters Papier, he thought it was time for something new (and better working hours). He became a foreman in the paper hall and can call himself a paper specialist. His work still feels like a big hobby and he still enjoys it when a 'high-quality' load comes in. Klaas is pleased with the new veyzle management who listen carefully and think along about how the quality of paper can be improved even further.

When asked how he gained his knowledge, he answers very convincingly: "Knowledge is gained through experience, which I have learned since childhood. You only become a real specialist through rejection. If you are turned away several times at the final processor because your batch is not of the right quality, then you learn quickly." In a nutshell, bump your nose a few times and in no time you'll know the extraordinary world of paper!

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