DNA and vision

veyzle is set to launch in 2019 and was created from two former family businesses. With experience of more than 70 years in our genes, we mix entrepreneurship with an innovative view of the paper and plastics world. After all, do we get everything out of it? At veyzle, we stand for maximum utilisation of raw materials back in the circular chain.

veyzle is part of Ortessa, a group of five enterprising waste companies. Each with its own specialism in waste, but with one clear joint mission: we want to be open about waste. And cooperate with colleagues, partners, suppliers and customers who also want to be. Because being open, from whatever role, also means being more aware and alert. And that is where change begins. This is how we can start building the waste services of the future together. And step by step, we will make the world of paper and plastic smarter, simpler and more sustainable.

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