What we do

Sorting fur paper
Fur paper is the term for a mixture of different types of paper. The most common are household paper, industrial paper and printing waste. By separating the mix into pure paper types, we add value and the paper can be better recycled. Sorting is done partly by machine and partly by hand. Usually the sorted paper is baled, but sometimes it is also transported loose.

Cutting rolls
Some types of paper are supplied in reels by our customers. Often, these are residual rolls from a production process and sometimes they are original rolls of rough paper. In order to recycle the paper on the residual rolls, it must be stripped of its core. We do this with guillotine shears. The loose sheets of paper are baled and sold to mills that turn them into new paper. The cardboard cores are also reused or recycled.

Archive destruction
For the destruction of confidential documents veyzle has a separate installation. Before the paper can be shredded it must be removed from binders or boxes. In addition, the paper is separated into different types. The destruction itself is done mechanically by shredding. The bales of shredded paper are sold to factories that turn them into tissue products. Examples are tissues and toilet paper. The destruction process of veyzle is CA+ certified.

Pressing of paper
Almost all the paper that comes in is pressed into bales after it has been processed. This is necessary in order to be able to keep large quantities of paper in stock and to transport it to customers. veyzle has specific balers for different types of paper. The latest baler is a cutting press of the UnoTech brand. This machine has a pressing force of 150 tons and is one of the larger presses of our time.

Plastic recycling
In addition to paper, veyzle also processes various types of plastic. The principle is the same as for paper recycling: the purer the plastics, the better they can be recycled and the more valuable they are. veyzle sorts plastics by type and compresses them into bales or bulk in big bags or sales containers. The sorted streams are sold to the plastics industry, which turns them into semi-finished products and new products.

veyzle is always looking for the best way to recycle paper and plastic. The goal is to create the highest value at the lowest cost. Through years of experience, veyzle knows how to process the various streams and which sales channels are the most lucrative. This margin optimization is not only good for the customer but also for the environment.

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