B.enyounés Grad

A few years after B.Enyounés (for colleagues Younes) came to live in the Netherlands he started sorting plastics in Sittard. Soon Younes got his forklift diploma and then became responsible for the (press) machines. He has no ambition to get his truck driving license, he feels perfectly at home in the plastics hall. In the years that he has been working with us, he has mastered the language well and Younes can enjoy lunch with his colleagues. The plastics profession is not easy. A lot has changed over the years and the right sorting is more important than ever. Younes can still enjoy when another shipment comes in that can become more valuable through proper sorting.

When asked what Younes wishes for the new veyzle company he replies "We used to be a small family business and I see that we are growing fast. Still, I hope we will be careful of the family culture among the employees, because I am always happy about that."

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