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Have large-volume plastic collected or delivered?

Does your company have large volumes of plastics? Then we will be happy to collect these from you. You can also choose to have your current collector deliver this to us in Sittard or Hoensbroek. Isn't that easy? Fill in the form below and we will contact you!

Your old plastics see veyzle as an important raw material to make new materials again. In many cases, plastic can be reused as a new raw material. So it's a shame to throw it in the regular waste.

There are many types of plastic. We have the right solution for every flow. Whatever streams there are in your organisation; veyzle ensures the most sustainable processing.

Plastic flows

Foil is a special type of plastic, often used as packaging material or to cover products. Separate collection of film is often recommended to optimise recycling of this waste flow. Collected film can be used to make new products such as packaging film, stretch film or bubble wrap. We can actually consider it more of a raw material than a waste stream. One of the most common types of film is LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene). This type of film is mostly used in industry, retail, wholesale, distribution and logistics. LDPE has several properties, making it extremely suitable for food packaging and product transportation. When sorting in our plastics hall, great care is taken to ensure that the waste is not contaminated with other substances. The separated plastics are then baled and transported for further processing.

Hard plastics
Simply put, hard plastics are products made of plastic that are difficult to bend or fold. However, under the right conditions, these plastics are actually very suitable for recycling. This is why hard plastics are often collected separately, with households handing in their hard plastics at an environmental street, for example. Companies can make arrangements to have their hard plastics collected. At our plastics hall, all hard plastics are first carefully sorted before the processing process can begin. After sorting, the plastics are shredded, ground and prepared for reuse.

Big bags
Big bags are made of a type of plastic called polypropylene. Due to its large capacity and strong construction, a big bag can carry weights of up to 1,500 kg. An empty, used big bag is still good for reuse. Big bags are also carefully sorted at veyzle during the processing. After baling, the bales are prepared for transport.

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