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Paper and cardboard

Large-volume paper delivery or collection?

Does your company have large volumes of paper and cardboard in outlets or compactors? Then you can simply choose to have your current collector deliver these to us in Sittard or Hoensbroek (Limburg). Quite convenient, isn't it?

Paper and cardboard
Veyzle sees all your old paper and cardboard as an important raw material for making new materials. Paper, if properly separated, can be used almost entirely as new raw material. So it's a shame to throw it away with your ordinary waste.

There are different paper streams, such as household paper, cardboard and confidential documents. We have the right solution for each flow. Whatever paper flows your organisation may have; veyzle ensures the most sustainable processing and paper recycling.

Paper flows

Fur paper
Fur paper is the term for a mixture of different types of paper. The most common are household paper, industrial paper and printing waste. By separating the mix into pure paper types, we add value and the paper can be better recycled. Sorting is done partly by machine and partly by hand. Usually the sorted paper is baled, but sometimes it is also transported loose.

Rolls of paper
Some types of paper are delivered by our customers in rolls. These rolls also have paper recycling as their purpose. Often, these are residual rolls from a production process and sometimes they are original rolls of raw paper. In order to recycle the paper on the residual rolls, it must be stripped of its core. We do this with guillotine shears. The loose sheets of paper are baled and sold to mills that turn them into new paper. The cardboard cores are also reused or recycled.

Cardboard is paper consisting of several layers. It is actually nothing but very thick paper. Cardboard is easy to recycle; over 80% of the paper in the Netherlands comes from waste paper. There are four different types of cardboard: 1) Corrugated cardboard is often used as collection or transport packaging. Its multiple layers make it an excellent packaging material. 2) Solid board is made of several layers of grey cardboard made from recycled paper. Due to the thick material, it retains its strength longer and can even come in a waterproof version. 3) Moulded fibre consists entirely of waste paper that is cleaned, compacted and compressed. This can later be used to make packaging or protective materials again. 4) Folding carton is a very sturdy and flexible material, mainly used for making consumer packaging.

Archive paper
For the destruction of confidential documents, veyzle has a separate facility. Before the paper can be shredded, it must be removed from binders or boxes. In addition, the paper is separated into different types. The destruction itself is done mechanically by shredding. The bales of shredded paper are sold to factories that turn them into tissue products. Examples include tissues and toilet paper. Veyzle's destruction process is CA+ certified.

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