What do you really know about paper?

  • "Circular initiatives start with knowledge"

    From wood to fiber Pulp.. Fibers.. Wood.. What was it again? You'll find all the answers about paper.

    To develop new circular initiatives, it is important to understand how paper is constructed. Paper is primarily made of fibers, additives and water. The fibers are the main component of paper. We explain the different types of fibers and their origin. Then you will learn all about the unlocking of fiber raw materials. Lees meer

  • "Water + wood fiber = pulp"

    From fiber to paper The right balance (the recipe) determines the quality

    Wood fibers are the basic materials of paper. Adding water to it creates a kind of porridge: the pulp. To give paper the desired properties, it is most important to choice the raw materials/fibers. They often combine different kinds of fibers/pulp. Then the raw materials must be mixed in a certain ratio (the recipe). Lees meer

  • "Different types of paper"

    Different types of paper

    Up to and including a weight of 179 g/m² is generally referred as paper. From 180 g/m² it is called cardboard. In even higher grammages from 500 g/m² onwards, it is referred to board or plate. Lees meer