Confident destruction

Collecting and destroying confidential paperwork

For the safe collection of confidential documentation, to transport it in secure transports to a separate processing location, where it is destroyed according to the Certification Scheme for Archive and Data Destruction (Ca+), you can contact veyzle.

When it comes to confidential destruction, veyzle believes it is all about integrity, risk management and creating new resources. With these values in mind, veyzle guarantees that your confidential papers will be in good hands.

CA+ certified
In cooperation with our partners we take care of the emptying of confidential papers on location, the collection, transport and destruction of the documents. In short, we offer the complete package! Not only are we CA+ certified for this, but we also screen and train our employees specially. Reliability guaranteed:
- Sustainable destruction, even the smallest shreds of paper are unrecognizable
- Closed chain, from collection to destruction of confidential documents
- If desired, you will receive an official destruction certificate

Data destruction on a structural base
For many organisations, data destruction forms an important part of their regular business operations. For example, general practitioners, notaries, lawyers and banks, but also the personnel departments of large companies. These organizations often use our services on a contract base.

Of course, it is also possible to deliver a small or large batch of confidential documents on an occasional basis, so that you can be assured that these papers will be securely shredded.

Do you need to clear out your archive?
Would you like to have your archives and other confidential papers reliably collected and destroyed? Our advisors will be happy to discuss this with you!

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